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✔ KISS THIN LIPS GOODBYE: with Luma Lips Max – Instant & Best Lip Plumper; a unique and natural moisturizing enhancement that holds the key to full, sensual and healthy looking lips.

✔ LIP-PLUMPING TECHNOLOGY – works by stimulating and compensating 2 important components that constitute the molecular structure of the thin skin membranes of the lips: Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.

✔ INFUSED WITH VITAMIN E – This ultra nourishing and hydrating oil enhancer adds moisture to your lips naturally while keeping the skin soft and supple.

✔ GLOSS FINISH – Our best lip plumper formula adds a touch of glam and beauty by giving a glossy, balm finish – perfect for wearing all day.

✔ WORKS OVER LIP COLOR – Our plumpers double as a lip topper for that juicy, bee stung look on a daily basis – without injections or extreme skincare procedures.


This potent and best lip plumper gloss alleviates lines and wrinkles and expands the curve and volume of the lips with the safe and wholesome goodness of water. Luma Lips Max is the Best Rapid Lip Plumper that immediately delivers a hydrating lip plumping super boost. It uses advanced Hyaluronic Spheres introduced into the thin and delicate skin of the lips, which draws in moisture from the surrounding air, filling the lips and expanding them to create a glamorous, healthy look. Our formula also includes a Peptide which contributes to the appearance of smoothness and volume. We top it off with Vitamin E which seals in all the moisture for long lasting succulence. Since lips are always in use and openly exposed to the environment, they are more subject to dehydration and aging. Keep your lips looking youthful, healthy, and attractive – add this simple step to your daily routine today!


  • Stimulates Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid synthesis
  • Plumps through Collagen proliferation and skin hydration
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and surface folds
  • Is Irritant Free (No plumping by irritation)
  • Locks in Moisture


  • Thin and aging lips
  • Wrinkles and fine lines around the contours of the lips
  • Dry and chapped lips


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